Material-Technical Infrastructure

VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI has overall 4 certified structures, 11 certified classrooms – of which five certified IT rooms – with total capacity of 267 students, while co-working with a network of certified rental structures in 13 regions of the country.

VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI uses ERP software adaptable to constant and special operational requirements. ERP is characterized by:

  • The comprehensive coverage of the institutional framework governing the operation of the VTC.
  • The possibility of cooperation (interoperability) with external programs (Add-ons) that can perform specialized complementary to ERP functions. So run programs that generate the forms required by the institutional framework.
  • The single insertion and data storage.
  • The full use of Internet capabilities, enabling access to the staff of all structures regardless of geographic dispersion through special servers (terminal servers).

Thus, by means of this system it is possible:

  • Aggregate and individual statements for educators, students and partner enterprises
  • Forms an evaluation of all factors of each program
  • Monitoring of work progress of learners
  • Production of all program management forms

The library contains books, periodicals and other scholarly resources in printed and electronical formats. Library is addressed to trainees, the working staff but also to all educators.

VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI is also equipped with electronic equipment and teaching aids for both education and for the operation of such projection systems, projectors, TV, video etc.