Aim and Goal

VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI recognizing the importance of human capital as the most important factor in meeting the goals and objectives, has staffed all of the structures with a comprehensive set of administrative and teaching staff and works in parallel with a number of external partners, with long and rich experience in field of vocational training, depending on the needs of the training programs.

The administrative staff are graduates of higher education institutions in continuing education and training in new technologies. At the same time, they have experience in designing, implementation and managing projects and programs.

 The VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI provides an excellent working environment in which team spirit, cooperation, emulation and continuous search for knowledge and development are cultivated. Moreover, investing in the human resources, the VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI organizes seminars for staff in disciplines related to the field of activity of each strain and supports individual initiatives and efforts of employees for advancement through seminars and postgraduate studies.