Aim and Goal

Lifelong Learning and continuous development and training, has become a must on the path to achieve high goals and results, both for business and for each individual.

VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI offers high quality training projects in each subject, which meets the modern requirements of business and labor market needs. VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI promotes the existing knowledge, skills and attitudes and training focused on their real business needs, through educational methodology that focuses on practice and not only theoretical approach of the educational object.

By adopting this philosophy, staff of VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI, cooperates and helps modern organizations and businesses who wish to keep up with new developments and technologies.

The teaching staff of VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI consists of sufficient number of highly scientifically qualified and experienced adult educators, who are suitably trained to carry out those tasks. Applying an internal evaluation system, VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI manages to choose the most appropriate trainers, maintaining high standards of educational services. The trainers through participation in conferences and appropriate trainings and specializations, informed of developments in matters of their subject and adult education.

Over the last 10 years VTC EKPEDEFTIKI PAREMVASI in the context of implementation of training programs has implemented over 200 training Programs, Community Initiatives and Integrated Interventions programs for more than 5,000 trainees.